Denny S. Bryce Author

2014 GOLDEN HEART® Winner in Romantic Suspense!

I write CONTEMPORARY ROMANTIC SUSPENSE, HISTORICAL WOMEN'S FICTION AND URBAN FANTASY. My stories straddle the thin line between sex, danger, and love, which I call ROMANCE ON THE EDGE. I am a 2014 GOLDEN HEART® Winner in Romantic Suspense for Chasing Damn. In 2013, I was a finalist in the Linda Howard Award of Excellence and the Daphne Award of Excellence for Mystery/Suspense also for Chasing Damn. My paranormal romance Gideon came in second place in 2012 in the WRW Marlene Contest.



This is the symbol for fire. My 2013 tattoo.



Claire Vs. Scarlett: A Brief Post about Caitriona Balfe and Vivian Leigh

This is not an in-depth analysis. Well, at least, not this post. It’s me rambling about two characters, and two actresses, whose work I enjoy. It might be the British accent, Irish, Scottish or whatever, that lures me in, or its the ballsy way the actresses approach(ed) portraying iconic characters from beloved books I’d read ‘before’ I saw the cable […]