Claire Vs. Scarlett: A Brief Post about Caitriona Balfe and Vivian Leigh

This is not an in-depth analysis. Well, at least, not this post. It’s me rambling about two characters, and two actresses, whose work I enjoy. It might be the British accent, Irish, Scottish or whatever, that lures me in, or its the ballsy way the actresses approach(ed) portraying iconic characters from beloved books I’d read ‘before’ I saw the cable […]

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Jamie Wesley’s “Tell Me Something Good”: New Release!

I love debut authors, channeling their good vibes, hoping for some of that goodness to rub off:)…but I also enjoy a romance with humor, two characters with chemistry galore, and when you can make me smile on page one – winner, winner! This is also a great cover. I’m a cover girl, and really enjoy a good one. […]

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Amy DeLuca (writing as Amy Patrick): CHANNEL 20 SOMETHING

One of my fellow 2014 Golden Heart® sisters (aka Dreamweavers) is Amy DeLuca, who has released her first NEW ADULT novel. Writing as Amy Patrick, her novel CHANNEL 20 SOMETHING is available now at AMAZON, and all other outlets (see below) beginning August 12! Amy is a two-time Golden Heart finalist (2013 and 2014) who writes […]

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