Writing is Tough! But Vampires are Cool!


Just had to give a nod to BBC america’s Being Human vampire, Mitchell. Awe…some…

Waterworld Mermaids Celebrate October with FREE READS!

Denny S. Bryce’s Waterworld Mermaid Icon – Isn’t it sexy:) Okay, I’m declaring today promotion Friday… well, not exactly, but I just had to share some news about an upcoming online extravaganza  I did not want you to miss. The Waterworld Mermaids (one day this name will ring from the rafters of romance fiction’s how-could-you-not-know-about-these-women […]

In the Groove: 357 Days of Writing…

“In the Groove” Copyrighted image by Salvatore Principe 2006-2010 I’ve been working a lot lately. Not writing, but doing the JOB (marketing events, products, you name it, the profession I’ve been in for 25 years). Good news, however, is that the huge JOB project ended (and I might add it was a success), and now […]