Writing on the Road

Location: New York City

My last road trip was to New York City in December, and I had a fabulous time. That trip reminded me that I should do a better job of sharing some of the highlights, mid-lights, and pure zaniness of my travels. Now, I love to travel and am of an age (no further comments, necessary), where I have the opportunity to get out of my house on a fairly regular basis. Now, don’t expect a travel log. Nope. That I don’t do. But I will share my observations, from my writer girl perspective of the scenery, faces, and images that grab my heart and make me laugh, sob, or piss me off (which comes with the territory).  The images below are my photos taken during the Downton Abbey Exhibition in NYC. My next historical is set in 1928 Los Angeles, and the BBC spectacular, definitely helped me with some research, even if it wasn’t set in the USA.

Another a little something for those who know me — I told you not all of my stories take place in Chicago.

And oh, yes, Happy New Year!


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